Hebrew Language


Learning Hebrew as a second language enables our students to more readily engage with the full Jewish Studies program. Beginning with the aleph bet and practical vocbulary, students learn the essential language foundations in a hands-on and engaging way. As students progress through the program, they develop the ability to read accurately and fluently with corresponding writing skills. At the conclusion of the program. Lamplighters Academy graduates feel confident navigating a Hebrew environment and have the skills to apply their Hebrew reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a practical and relevant way.

You can’t have a Jewish Day School without a strong Israel curriculum! Israeli studies are integrated throughout all aspects of the program, not just Jewish Studies. The program is made up of three core lenses: Historical Israel and its connection to Jewish History; Modern Israel and its current geopolitical context; and Israel the Innovator, specifically looking at Israel as the startup nation and incubator for a wide range of technological development. Learning about Israel through these three lenses provides our students with a full understanding of Israel’s importance to the Jewish people in the past, present and future. 


Torah Stories

Imagine there was a guidebook to living the best life you possibly could. Turns out there is! Lamplighters Academy’s Mitzvot program utilizes the Torah’s guidelines to live a character-rich Jewish life. Giving back, treating others with respect and knowing when to admit mistakes are just some of the examples of ways that the Jewish Studies curriculum lends itself to raising well-rounded children. The program also features inspiring learning about Jewish practices with a 21st century lens, including Jewish holidays that commemorate our people’s most significant moments.

The stories that outline the history of the Jewish people are not only engaging and exciting, but they’re chock full of important lessons, too. Lamplighters Academy’s Torah Stories curriculum dives into the stories of the Torah with three different cycles. Cycle 1 gets our students excited and engaged in the stories, learning about the main characters and the events that have brought the Jewish people to where they are today. Cycle 2 extends on the initial stories by looking at the lessons learned from these stories and how our students can grow as members of their community based on the learning from these stories, Finally, in Cycle 3, students dive deeper into the more complex meanings behind these stories and learn how they can apply to their own work in the community. Put it all together and you get a comprehensive understanding of the Torah as a valuable resource as both a history book and a guidepost to personal growth.


In Judaism, Shabbat stands above all the rest, so it has to stand on its own as part of our Jewish Studies program. Students learn the significance and traditions of Shabbat and put that learning into action during weekly Shabbat Parties. These parties are more than just challah and grape juice, though. Shabbat is a gift that our students love to share with their families and the community. We take advantage of our intimate school environment by hosting families and community members to our Shabbat, where our students can showcase their learning. Whether its fresh baked Challah or how to set the table for guests, our community-focused Shabbat Parties give our students an opportunity to make meaningful connections to their Jewish learning and their community.