The Lamplighters Academy Core program for students in Grades 3 to 5 is an evolution in a child’s educational pathway. Foundational and essential academic skills have now been mastered, with a strong grasp of numeracy and literacy concepts in addition to basic Hebrew language learning, Judaics teachings and strong sense of self and mensch-like characteristics.

Beginning in Grade 3, children are ready to be challenged by applying these essentials in more sophisticated contexts. Problem-based learning takes off, with students exploring their local, national and international communities with an entrepreneurial lens. Work with coding, robotics and other technology helps children understand the benefits of using technology for the greater good. This belief remains important as children are quickly immersed in a social media-laden environment – we want our students to understand that their involvement in a digital world needs to be one filled with positive impact.

Core-level students work in groups to research issues, design solutions and use their innovative and creative mindsets to become social entrepreneurs. Integrating applied mathematics instruction and hands-on financial literacy supports real world learning. Children manage their own budgets for their projects and make financial decisions about how to be effective with their savings, make investments, and learn about the importance of donations.

Continuing the efforts to be agents of change, students work in teams to discuss and communicate their learning with blogs, podcasts and other 21st century media; our students see the power of their words, written or spoken, to convey meaningful messages to their community.

The Core academic program also includes:

  • Transition from learning to read to reading to learn; decoding is mastered and fluency becomes a focus of reading mechanics.
  • Expansion of reading vocabulary and comprehension enabling children to understand a wider range of texts. 
  • In-depth writing, both technical and creative, helping students understand the power of the written word in social studies, science, STEAM and other Jewish Studies subjects.
  • Continuation of creative and entrepreneurial skill building, including coding, engineering, social entrepreneurship that goes beyond the local community and into learning and exploration about the broader international context.
  • Transition from fluent reading to root word development leading to a greater Hebrew vocabulary
  • Innovative IsraelQuest program engaging students in modern Israel’s socio-economic climate, Holocaust education and an expanded, age-appropriate dive into Mitzvot.
  • And even more!