Throughout the Bible, each time the phrase “Hineni” was said, the one speaking it was about to embark on profound change (My Jewish Learning). I can’t think of a more fitting way to summarize what Lamplighters Academy is aiming to do as part of Toronto’s Jewish Day school landscape; Hineni – meaning “Here I am”…or in this case, Here We Are. Opening a new school is not a decision that we’ve taken lightly, but it’s a step we’re excited to embark on and to quickly announce our arrival as another terrific option for Jewish Day school in the city. Hineni!

You’ve likely heard about us by now with the taglines of “Jewish Day School Reimagined” and “The Future Just Got Brighter!” While these are catchy-sounding taglines, they’re more than just marketing material. These phrases encompass our approach to everything we have done in preparing for these early stages of the school’s development and how we are looking at spending the next 9 months preparing for the inaugural classes beginning in 2023. You can read about some of the specifics on our website, including our approach to teaching and learning

What truly sets us apart from other options in the city is our commitment to focusing on the most important areas of learning for children to grow up as happy and successful young adults. We know it’s important for children to learn what it takes to be a mensch, and we’re committed to making time each day for children to talk, think and act like a mensch that they develop an intrinsic motivation to carry on these actions beyond the four walls of their classroom. We want to teach STEAM through the lens of social innovation and have our students make strong relationships with community organizations that are doing this work already. 

And lastly, but certainly not least, Lamplighters graduates will leave our school with a strong sense of Jewish pride and identity. Our Jewish Studies learning will be integrated throughout the day, and why shouldn’t it be? Our children aren’t Jewish for half the day…it should be embedded in everything they do! It works in reverse, too. Why can’t our students cover the Ontario Social Studies curriculum while exploring Israel’s geography? 

The point is, they can, and they will. Lamplighters Academy is here to put a new spin on Jewish Day school. Hineni.

Keep an eye out in this space for more on education, supporting your child(ren) with their learning, and much, much more.

Blake Enzel
Principal, Lamplighters Academy